Alternatives For Job Seekers

If you have spent the last few months desperately seeking a job and you are yet to receive a call, it is important to not let it get you down. The truth is, if you are down and upset, this is likely to show in your voice, your tone, your curriculum vitae and your personality and this in turn could serve as a reason for you to not get called in for that all important interview. The main reason for job seekers to be upset about not getting called in for interviews is that they are stressed out and desperate and this shows in their voice.

Seeking alternative sources of earning money while applying for jobs

The reason that you might seem desperate for that job you have been waiting for is because you need the money. Like most people, with the rising cost of living, not having an income must possibly be making you lose your mind. However, while you are having a professional cv writers spruce up your curriculum vitae for you, you will need to try to find alternative sources of earning money. This way you will not be as desperate to get that job and therefore you will become more self-confident and be able to face an interview in better shape.

Start a small business

While you are applying for jobs and sending out your new curriculum vitae that has been redone by a resume writer, look for alternative ways of earning money. Consider starting a small home based business in the same line of work that you are looking for a job in, this way you will not only be earning money, but you will have a portfolio of work to show at an interview when you do get called in. Chances are you may even like the work that you are doing from home and you might find that you are earning more money from your own business than you would get paid at a job.

After all, your new employer will be using your talents and your services in order to make a profit and sell your work at a higher price than he is paying you. For example, if you are getting X amount to do a certain job, your employer will use your work and sell it at five times X amount to his client. What if you approach your own clients directly and offer them the work at three times X where you make more money, have the opportunity to work in the comfort of your own home and you give the final client the chance to save money by choosing you over a big company. It is in fact a win win situation.