Careers In The Fashion Industry

It is common to automatically associate getting a fashion design degree with simply becoming a fashion designer. But there are other career ventures that you can branch out into – especially if you are having trouble breaking into the fashion industry and are considering other options. One of the most valuable skills apart from talent and creativity that you can have is a good business sense and how to network with the right people.  
Fashion Merchandising
Fashion merchandisers focus on the business of marketing and displaying fashion and clothing to the consumers. A degree in fashion design will certainly help – as well as great marketing skills and knowing how to appeal to the target market and having an eye for quality and good design. There are separate fashion merchandising courses that focus on both fashion and equipping students with business and marketing skills, but a degree in fashion design with an amazing business head is highly beneficial too.

Textile Designing
A person who has a reputed degree from a fashion college Sydney or anywhere else in the world can also consider becoming a textile designer. A great eye for detail, being knowledgeable about fabric types and quality are just some of the key skills that are required in these professions. By doing a fashion degree, a textile designer will learn how to create appealing quality clothing with colours, embellishments, screen printing and design software.

Technical Designing
Those who have successfully followed Sydney fashion design school might consider getting into technical designing which focuses on garment or apparel production. In this profession, having a keen eye for detail and being able to recognise quality work are some valuable skills to have or be developed while on the job. Fabric or pattern makers will have to use software to create different variations or sizes of a design and tailors or dressmakers will bring these patterns together to create a final product. These professions focus on the manufacturing and creation of clothing or apparel, and courses on apparel production or technical design are part of the requirements.

Costume Designing
Costume design is often seen as something completely different from the fashion industry as there are no compulsory requirements to get into this field. However, a degree in costume design or fashion design can help someone gain more knowledge and skill about clothing and characters. They will have to learn about characters, personality, time periods and more. Costume designers will have to work with directors and create costumes for actors in the film, television or theatre industry.