Top Reasons On Why You Should Learn A Foreign Language

There are many reasons that come to my mind on why I need not have to learn a language whenever I am being forced by my parents to learn a new language. I would think why they are asking me to do so when I am well-versed with my native language and learn the English language in my school. But, once I started to learn a foreign language I came to know as to why one should learn another language apart from their mother tongue and English. Now, I am looking out for a single good reason as to why one should not learn a foreign language. Once you attend the classes or try to learn to speak a foreign language, you will get so much indulged in it that you will want to learn it fully and thoroughly. The following are the many reasons why I think that everyone in this world must know at least three to four languages.

Your job prospects increase

If you are well-versed with a second language or language from another country, then the prospects of getting a job in many countries just opens up like anything. The world is rapidly changing and it is for the good. There are many big companies that are looking to establish their presence in many countries and hence will be looking to hire globally minded people who can speak more than one language. There is always a demand for people with IGCSE spanish exam in Hong Kong certification in many countries as this is the second most spoken language in the world. 

Give more work to your brain

By learning to speak and write in a foreign language, you are looking to give some workload for the brain and memory. This is welcomed by the brain as it has some cognitive benefits. No matter, what age you are, learning a foreign language will help in improving your memory and will also help in increasing the attention span. You will not suffer from the common age-related cognitive conditions that most aged people face. Visit 

Develop cross-cultural camaraderie

One of the biggest advantages of learning a foreign language is that you will get to make new friends and that too from people of a different country. You will get to learn more about their way of life and their culture and religion and this will help in developing deep connections with people in the outside world. The people from that country will respect you and be happy to make friends with you. They will be appreciative of the fact that you have taken all efforts to learn their language and that too by taking the IB Spanish exam and other similar courses.